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Hey guys,

How’ve you been? Things have been pretty busy on my end, but I think I can finally announce that “Molly and the Monster” will launch on May 1st! It’s so exciting! Here’s the excerpt from the back:

Molly’s day is already off to a rough start when a giant monster suddenly marches into her life.

Confronting the situation head-on, the two of them discover solutions to their own problems, and a newfound friendship.

The book is an all-ages comic book that’ll be available for purchase as a digital download or physical copy. If you’re going to be at TCAF, let me know! I plan on bringing books with me.

If you have any questions about the book or the process, give me a shout! I promise there won’t be any spoilers.

All the best,


(Also, there’s gonna be a nice section in the back of the book with some fantastic guest illustrations, but I’ll keep that on the hush-hush for now.)